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Practical CCDE Design Scenarios

Practical CCDE Design Scenarios


The classical approach of studying for the CCDE which involves reading books, reading blogs, watching VoDs and participating in forum based discussions is important, but incomplete for most individuals preparing to sit the practical exam. Traditional learning approaches are not likely to provide you the necessary design experiences that are obtained by working on different customer scenarios with varying requirements and constraints. In order to get to the appropriate level of knowledge one must consider the following points:

  • The CCDE exam to large extent focuses on the mindset (how to think like a network designer, identify business, technical and functional requirements, how to achieve the desired result taking into account the explicit and implicit design constraints, etc.)
  • The CCDE practical exam is not different from the real life practical designs, where you deal with multiple technologies and a change to the design of one technology might break the design of others. Similarly adding a new service or application may impact other services or applications. You as a design expert must identify, recommend and optimize based on the different requirements and priorities.
  • The CCDE is not a greenfield design exam where you can always apply best practices that you read in many books and white papers. Instead you will deal with large scale networks and you are expected to redesign, optimize and integrate to meet the customers business and supporting design objectives.

Network Design Arena leverages one of the best and most proven ways to prepare your mindset, design approach and logic by offering online practical design scenario workshops.  As part of these workshops you will:

  • Identify your study and knowledge gaps
  • Shape your design mindset capabilities and approach.
  • Familiarize yourself with practical design scenarios in a CCDE style (without breaching the exam NDA)
  • Learn the different information analysis and question answering techniques.

The design scenarios used to facilitate the workshops are authored by the “CCDE Study Guide” and “CCDP ARCH 4th edition” CiscoPress Authors and reviewed by CCDE certified engineers. Furthermore, these scenarios are designed to help you build the required mindset and to understand the approaches necessary to be qualified enough to pass the CCDE practical exam.

Note: Each practical design scenario workshop consists of two sessions (covering both enterprise and service provider types of networks), each session focuses on a single design scenario. The reason why we have one scenario per session is because, from our experience the more scenarios you practice in one session the less quality and analysis you will get from each scenario. Therefore, each of these scenarios will include enough time for thorough analysis and discussion to ensure the technology decisions, mindset and approaches are understood from different aspects.

If you are interested, please register today and you will be notified by email 2 weeks before the online workshop (no payment required at this stage).

Next session: 6th  of August 2016

Cost: 700$

Estimated minimum duration per workshop: 8 hours (divided into two sessions)




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